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Benefits of Meridian Legal Accounts System

Stay organised with our easy to use Accounts software

Our accounting system is compliant to the SRA Accounts rules, to the rules laid down by the Law Society, the Legal Aid Agency, CQS, and LEXCEL standards.

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Stay OrganisedStay organised with our easy to use accounts software

Don’t worry about navigating through screens crammed with multiple headings, tabs and never-ending lists, our system has been designed with the cashier in mind.
We were asked for an easy to use system. A system that felt comfortable. A system where you knew where you were and what you were doing without ‘information overload’ and that is what we have provided with just the information you need at the time that you need it.

Acurate timekeepingAccurate billing with our Time Recording system

Capture time as it happens with our ubiquitous time recording system. Whatever you are doing, whichever program you are working on, our time clock is available to record what you are doing. Don’t worry about under-billing time or using the wrong cost codes, our time system integrates with your client ledger and attributes the assigned pricing structure to your posting.
Produce accurate billing information every time.

 Set billing limitsSet billing limits – keep your Client informed

Most clients worry about how much their final bill is going to be. Our software lets you set limits on Work In Progress based upon either the time you have worked (so you don’t lose track of exactly how much time you have completed) or the value of the work to be charged so you can send an interim bill.
You can also set a limit on any unbilled disbursements – don’t accumulate costs when you don’t need to.

Client Friendly Billing StatementsClient Friendly Billing Statements

We have provided fee earners with the ability to be able to produce history statements on their own at any time and for any time period. Of course the ability to include or remove unnecessary entries is allowed without impact on the client ledger.

Overdue Client PaymentsWhat about Overdue Client Payments

You are provided as standard with an aged debt workflow containing precedent documents to attach to any overdue ledgers. A full debt management internal ledger is also available should payment become contentious and lengthy proceedings ensue.
All typical overdue accounts are sent reminder letters that are automated and initially available for processing by your cashier.

Full Accounting Audit TrailFull Accounting Audit Trail

Easy to view and review accounting entries. We don’t consent to the deletion of accounting entries so you can always find what you are looking for. Secure auditing trails give you the peace of mind that any accidental incorrect postings are easily found and can be rectified.

Avoid duplicate entriesAvoid duplicate entries with our Central Client and Contact Database

File duplication warnings automatically notify you when data

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